Special Sessions


Synergy and Innovation through Community Engagement

Special Symposia (theme-oriented):

Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering

This prestigious session will recognize the contributions of four early career researchers and highlight their vision and leadership in their respective field of chemical engineering. Four speakers will be selected to give 15-minute TED Talk style presentations. The awardees will give a perspective talk of their own research topic, and how it will influence science, engineering, and society at large in Canada and abroad. Following their presentation, they will participate in a panel discussion. We will not consider narrow technical presentations; the speakers should present their research area and its impact in a broader perspective. 

Emerging and Applied Industrial Research

This symposium is focused on advancing technology and developments which highlight the evolving role of chemical engineering in fundamental and applied research with direct impact and application in industry. The content of submitted abstracts can cover a variety of scopes, including: early or late stage commercialization initiatives, applied sustainability research with measured impact, industry-led research initiatives highlighting previous and emerging opportunities, or fundamental research carried out in response to clearly defined technology gaps in industry. Presenters within the symposia will be selected to exhibit leading-edge research across multiple industry sectors in Canada and abroad.

Chemical Engineering in the Community

This symposium will highlight leading-edge research driven by community need and collaborative consultation, safety and emergency preparedness, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Expected presentation topics will focus on fundamental and applied research developed in partnership or in consultation with stakeholders in the community, highlighting emerging best-practices and considerations for community-engaged development. Submitted abstracts may cover a variety of technical scopes, including but not limited to: Remote community resource management, environmental monitoring and remediation, industrial integration and sustainability initiatives, value-added manufacturing or waste material diversion and recycling. A common theme expected within this symposium is examples of community-engaged research highlighting the diversity and emerging opportunities for Chemical Engineers, and best practices/lessons learned through the engagement process.

Entrepreneurial Advancement and Globalization

This symposium will showcase research and development activities with strong links to Chemical Engineering which are contributing to entrepreneurism or technology globalization. Specific emphasis will be placed on research-driven academia-led projects and partnerships which highlight successful initiatives, providing examples for emerging and established researchers. Submitted papers may cover a broad range of topics, including but not limited to: product or process development, new materials development, material reprocessing, process scaling/intensification, and needs-based solutions developed from fundamental research. Presenters within the symposia will be selected to showcase entrepreneurial research and to provide context for researchers pursuing innovation and commercialization opportunities.