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ChemEng Is / Le génie chimique c’est ...

Chemical engineering is an evolving interdisciplinary field which attracts exceptional and engaged students. While long-standing technical competitions exist for this field, there are limited club-style, pan-Canadian venues where chemical engineering departments and students can gain recognition for their significant leadership, research and extraprofessional activities.  

The ChemEng Is / Le génie chimique c’est challenge is intended to create a fun, hands-on, year-long activity for chemical engineering students, while recognizing significant accomplishments of departments/universities.

The student exhibition at the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC) will share impactful stories, build momentum for year-over-year activities, and recognize inspiring efforts that show off what ChemEng Is.


Format and structure

ChemEng Is / Le génie chimique c’est will be a year-long challenge to university chemical engineering students, whereby each university will put forward a single team with no limit on the size of the team.

The teams will have the opportunity to showcase and receive recognition of their work through a 10-minute presentation and a poster to be displayed at the CCEC poster sessions.

There will be no formal judging for this event, since the idea to recognize the achievements of the students who have already demonstrated engaged excellence within their home university. The team nominated by each university will be formally recognized through a “CCEC Engaged Scholars Award.”


2019 Theme

The theme of the CCEC 2019 conference is Synergy and Innovation through Community Engagement. To this end, this year’s conference will include a showcase for teams having strong chemical engineering representation to present projects that have been driven by community need and collaborative consultation, ideally illustrating the evolving landscape of what chemical engineering is.

Potential examples include: capstone design projects with significant community engagement, undergraduate research projects, extra-curricular or community outreach activities, departmental initiatives, and projects which illustrate innovation/impact in chemical engineering.

The CCEC 2019 organizing committee is requesting that universities/departments review current student activities within their department/faculty to identify and sponsor a team of students which deserve recognition for exemplary efforts in any of the above noted areas. 

We are requesting that departments send representatives of these groups to CCEC 2019 in Halifax to present on their activities and network with fellow engaged students, and other conference delegates including leaders in chemical engineering research and industry professionals. 


Nominations for CCEC 2019 Student Exhibition

Is your student team working in areas aligned with the 2019 theme? Request that your department nominates you for the CCEC 2019 Student Exhibition.

Department heads are requested to send an email to the conference chair, Dr. Adam Donaldson ( with the following information:

  • Title of the activity for which the team is being recognized
  • Name and email addresses of the team members (with an indicator of which members the university can sponsor to attend CCEC 2019 if possible).  We intend to recognize all of the participating team members, but understand that only a limited representative body may be able to attend CCEC.
  • A brief description of the activity for which the team is being recognized, ideally detailing why it is being nominated and, if applicable, the impact/importance of the activity in defining Chemical Engineering at the nominating University.

Please include “CCEC 2019 ChemEng Is Nomination” in the subject or body of the email.

Nominations will be accepted until September 13, 2019, but are encouraged to be submitted by the abstract closing date (July 15, 2019) if possible.  Note that only one team nomination will be accepted from each University.