Exploring the World of Process Safety Management

Monday, October 21, 2019
Argyle Suite A1

Led by Amanda Sistilli, Jeffrey S. Castrucci and Parnian Jadidian

What is process safety? How is it related to chemical engineering and why is it important for all chemical engineers to be knowledgeable of the hazards and risks at their workplace? We discuss all that and more in this interactive workshop. We will work through the thought process involved in making risk-based decisions and discuss strategies to prevent or minimize loss of life, property, and reputation while working with explosive, flammable, toxic and other hazardous materials and processes. We will also explore the various careers within the Process Safety Management industry and how risk-based decision-making concepts can be applied to every facet of a facility’s operations.



Registration is open for the "Exploring the World of Process Safety Management" workshop. Priority will be given to pre-registered attendees, but drop-ins are welcome if there is space available.

The target audience for this workshop is undergraduate students. However, all conference attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Amanda Sistilli. P.Eng. is a sr. risk engineer at Enbridge Gas Inc. She joined Enbridge in October 2019, after an 8 year tenure at ERCO Worldwide where she started her career. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto in 2011. Sistilli worked as a process EIT from 2011–2014 and then transitioned to Process Safety Management (PSM) in 2014. Spending two years working at plants during her time at ERCO gave her a strong appreciation for practical operational safety and risk management. In January 2019, Sistilli also started a MSc at the University of Alberta to study how Process Safety Management performance can be improved in a business through the use of Integrated Management Systems.

Since 2015, Sistilli has been actively involved with the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE) Process Safety Management Division (PSMD). In her spare time she coaches a Dragonboat Team in Toronto and volunteers as a tutor with the Children’s Aid Society. She also enjoys hiking, trying new restaurants and playing the violin.

Jeffrey S. Castrucci, PhD, EIT, has served the University of Toronto in varied capacities as a lecturer, course coordinator, and content developer since 2015. He previously researched new materials for solar panels as a graduate student at the University of Toronto, where he designed and commissioned a research vacuum system that offered enhanced flexibility and non-standard design trade-offs compared to commercially available systems.

His teaching emphasizes helping students to connect their everyday experiences to engineering theory with a particular focus on safety in engineering design. He is part of a team developing e-learning modules to facilitate consistent, scalable, free safety education delivery to all students in Canada. These modules aim to fill the gap between the current curriculum and the skills and values industry desires. He is active in the engineering safety community including having worked as a content developer for Minerva Safety Management Canada, a not-for-profit safety advocacy group, and volunteering with the Process Safety Management Division of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering.

Castrucci is also the process quality manager at Aqua Bond Inc., a Toronto based liquid and powder blender, repackager, and chemical manufacturer that serves customers across North America.


Parnian Jadidian, MASc is a senior process safety advisor (PSM) at Enbridge Gas Inc. with a passion for using engineering and creative problem solving to keep people safe while keeping businesses profitable. In her current role, Jadidian helps to identify and assess process safety risks at facilities and works with a multidisciplinary team to identify and implement continuous improvement strategies to minimize these risks. Prior to joining Enbridge, Jadidian acquired six years of experience in risk management consulting, with a focus on identifying and evaluating loss potential at industrial and commercial facilities due to fires, explosions, natural hazards, equipment breakdowns and other operational and management factors. 

During her graduate studies, Jadidian developed a curriculum-wide framework for introducing and building safety knowledge and competence in students throughout their entire university experience. As the first proof-of-concept of her approach, she collaborated with the Ontario Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA) to develop and roll out an e-learning module addressing advanced safety topics that new professionals face as managers and risk evaluator. Jadidian is now part of a team that is working to implement this vision by enabling the distribution of e-learning modules to address the gaps between current curriculum and industry best practices. She is also involved in the process safety community through volunteer teaching and awareness workshops in support of the Process Safety Management Division of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering.