Modern Chemical Engineering Education


The role of chemical engineers in industry and society is constantly evolving, and education and training methods must keep pace with these changes. Evidence-based pedagogical practices are crucial to the development of essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, technical synthesis and communication, and sustainable development. This technical track focuses on how instructors and institutions are changing their curricula by introducing new technologies or pedagogical practices to enhance student learning. Other topics include innovative approaches for introducing engineering design and experiential learning into the curriculum, methods to integrate equity, diversity and inclusivity elements into the curriculum and extraprofessional activities, the use of outcome-based assessments for curricular renewal initiatives within a Canadian accreditation framework, and the promotion of student self-awareness and autonomy by teaching metacognition.

Gabriel Potvin, The University of British Columbia
Michele Hastie, Dalhousie University

Keynote Speakers:
Graeme W. Norval, University of Toronto