Special Sessions

Conference Theme:
Synergy and Innovation through Community Engagement


Special Sessions:

Emerging and Applied Industrial Research

Emerging and advanced technological innovations that highlight the evolving need for fundamental and applied research with direct impact and application in industry will be featured. The scope includes fundamental discoveries expected to advance industrial practice, early to late stage commercialization (all Technology Readiness Levels), applied research, description of measured impact and expected outcomes related to people and society, planet and profit, industry-led research initiatives highlighting previous and emerging opportunities, and fundamental research carried out in response to clearly defined technology gaps either within industry or in society. Presentations selected for this symposium will encompass leading-edge, outcome-driven research across multiple industry sectors in Canada and abroad.

Keynote Speaker:
Chunbao (Charles) Xu, Western University - Award in Design and Industrial Practice

Keywords: industrial practice, technology commercialization, industrial research, applied research, industry-led research, outcome-based research, need-driven research, interaction between industry and society, societal needs, industry-academia collaboration


Chemical Engineering in the Community

Research, development and advanced engineering projects driven by community need and collaborative consultation, safety and emergency preparedness, environmental sustainability, and sustainable economic development will be showcased. Topics will focus on research and technological innovations developed in partnership or in consultation with stakeholders in the community, highlighting emerging best practices and considerations for community-engaged development. A broad range of technical areas will be covered, including but not limited to remote community resource management, environmental monitoring and remediation, industrial integration and sustainability initiatives, energy efficiency, renewable energy production and management, life-cycle assessment, value-added manufacturing, waste material reduction, diversion, recycling and reuse (cyclic economy). Presentations in this symposium will provide examples of community-engaged research, reflecting the diversity and emerging opportunities for research and technology development in Canada and globally as well as best practices and lessons learned through the engagement process.

Amyl Ghanem, Dalhousie University
Adam Donaldson, Dalhousie University

Keywords: community engagement, collaborative consultation, environmental sustainability, sustainable economic development, renewable energy, energy efficiency, cyclic economy, waste minimization


Entrepreneurial Advancement and Globalization

Research and technology development activities that are contributing to entrepreneurialism or technology globalization will be featured. Specific emphasis will be placed on research-driven, academia-led projects and partnerships which highlight examples of successful initiatives. Presentations will cover a broad range of topics, including but not limited to product or process development, new materials development, material reprocessing, process scaling/intensification, and needs-based (outcome-focused) solutions developed from fundamental research. Presentations in this symposium will be selected to showcase entrepreneurial research and development activities, and to provide context for researchers pursuing innovation and commercialization opportunities.

Keynote Speaker:
Mahmoud Mirmehrabi, Solid State Pharma Inc

Keywords: technology commercialization, entrepreneurial research and development, product development, process development, startup companies, technology incubators


Process Safety Managment: PSM is not just for the CPI

Any process safety topic of interest to industry, academia or government is welcome. The following list of topics gives suggestions consistent with the symposium theme of wide adoption of the principles of process safety throughout various industrial sectors: Dust explosions, Offshore oil and gas safety, PSM applications in the mining industry, PSM applications in electronics manufacturing, PSM applications in industrial bioprocessing, PSM systems, Public awareness of PSM, Process safety culture, PSM regulatory requirements, PSM education and training, Process security, Dynamic risk assessment, Risk management, Inherently safer design, Alarm management, Abnormal situation management, Human error and human factors, Natech events, and Case studies and lessons learned.

Paul Amyotte, Dalhousie University
Faisal Khan, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Special Algae Session

The session will discuss research that explores the utilization of algae from the perspective of industry, government and academia. It will run for three sessions on the Monday of the conference starting with a keynote talk from Dr Patrick McGinn from the National Research Council of Canada on ‘Perspectives on Microalgal Biotechnology’. The sessions build upon two previous workshops bringing the Canadian Algae community together to explore points of collaboration that will enhance the development of algal biotechnologies for a range of applications including biofuels, biochemicals, foods, and wastewater treatment.

Grant Allen, University of Toronto
Pascale Champagne, Queen's University


Special Session in Honour of Hugo de Lasa

This session is organized in honour of Professor Hugo de Lasa from the University of Western Ontario. Three keynote speakers and several oral presentations are planned for this session on Monday October 21. Oral presentations will feature Hugo’s longstanding colleagues. Communications will cover catalyst development, photocatalysis, reaction engineering and fluidization. Presentations will review and explore new opportunities for implementing research advances in the areas of green chemical processes.

Keynote Speakers:
Hugo de Lasa, Western University
Louis Fradette, Polytechnique Montréal
Manuel Garcia-Perez, Washington State University

Serge Kaliaguine, Laval University
Benito Serrano-Rosales, Autonomous University of Zacatecas